The Flower Room is suited with a comfortable double bed and two more single beds. It offers comfortable accommodation for 4 people, such as families with children or groups of friends. This room is toned in natural colors with a major influence of antique/dusty pink, which is perfectly supplemented by French and Belgian furniture in gold and black. The view from the very windows of the room is pointed downwards to the garden of the castle and also to the crowns of the trees in the national castle’s park, which is hugging the garden. Further on, the room profits of a big coffee table with four-seaters and four wine-glasses for a pleasant tasting of the local Moravian wines. To your disposition, there is also a small refrigerator. The bathroom of this hotelroom is equipped with spacious chiffoniers for your personal and hygienic goods, further on an own WC and a roomy shower with a massage pannel. Of course, electric plugs for your electric razor or recharging of your mobile phone are not missing. As in every room, there is free WiFi connection in this room as well.
The price for one night in this room for one person is 1550 CZK/62€, for two persons 1950 CZK/78€.
The possibility of an additional bed for 300CZK/10€.

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