In the 500-year-old undergrounds from the Liechtenstein era, there are six arched cellars, from which three have been opened in this moment.

Grand Veneur Cellar

For 40 - 50 persons. In this cellar, every weekend wine tasting with the local Valtice winegrower, Mr. Roman Zapletal take place, - Tel : +420 777 636 760 and by appointment with the winegrower, you can be part of this session. Wine degustations usually start at 19:00. A little snack matching the wines taste is included. To the Grand Veneur cellar, there is an archive with wines over 40 - 50 years old, attached to it. Also, the Knights of Wine have their wines stored in this cellar. 


Baroque cellar

For 15 persons. A calm place to sit down, meant for smaller groups. The price of lease of this cellar is 2000CZK.


Hidden underground of the Supreme Hunter

The rest of the subterranean spaces (including the connecting corridor to the national castle) are continuously being prepared to be opened to the public. According to a legend, there are a 100 of bottles of red Moravian wine from the period of the 30 Year War walled somewhere in the undergrounds of the castle. This wine was hidden here by one of the Supreme Hunters living in this house and to these days, his ghost (which already appeared several times in the castle) protects this secret. The wine was not found yet.

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