Our Wine Cellars

There are six vaulted cellars in the 400-year-old basement of the Liechtenstein chateau, half of which have been made accessible to this day.

Grand Veneur Wine Cellar

For about 40 people. Tastings of local wines with tapas take place in this cellar 

from 17:00 until 00:00, Tuesday to Sunday. 

Off-season (November to May), the cellar is open only on weekends or by prior arrangement. The cellar is followed by a private wine archive, which houses wines up to 60 years old. 

More here: www.grand-veneur.cz 

Members of the Order of the Knights of Wine also have their wines stored here.

Baroque cellar

For about 15 people. This cellar is suitable for smaller groups, birthday parties, corporate parties, etc. The price for renting the cellar for a private event is CZK 6,000,- or 261,- Euro.

The hidden cellars of the 

Grand Veneur

The remaining underground spaces (including the connecting corridor to the chateau) are gradually being prepared for opening to the public. According to a legend, 100 bottles of Moravian red wine from the Thirty Years' War are walled up somewhere in the chateau's basement. This wine was stored here by one of the chief hunters inhabiting the Chateau of La Veneria, and to this day his spirit (which has appeared several times at the chateau) guards this secret. The wine has not yet been found.