Welcome to Chateau La Veneria

The Chateau La Veneria guest house is magical. It is completely unique.

It is a 400-year-old residence of the chief hunter of the Liechtenstein princes, located in the castle park of the Valtice State Castle, in the Lednice-Valtice area (UNESCO) in South Moravia.

The original building from 1647, the reconstruction of which was completed in 2007, offers exclusive romantic castle-style accommodation at affordable prices.

The house was rebuilt to its original form by the current owners.

Learn more about the history here.

What do we offer?

Accommodation is offered in a total of six rooms, each with two beds, in antique, castle-like style.

Four rooms are located in the building itself, the other two apartments are located in the garden of the castle.

Breakfast is served directly in the room or in the garden of the chateau.

Each room has its own bathroom (shower or bath, toilet, refrigerator, etc.)

While sitting on the terrace in the chateau garden, you can have breakfast, taste Valtice wines, and enjoy views of the sunset over the vineyards or the Reistna Colonnade. Our cat and dog pets will make sitting in the garden more pleasant.

There is also a fully equipped, stylish summer kitchen with a gas grill and a fireplace.

From the garden, you will be able to use, as the only Valtice guests direct access to the castle park, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are six vaulted cellars in the 400-year-old basement of the Liechtenstein chateau, half of which have been accessible to this day.

In the largest of them, wine tastings with snacks take place throughout the season from Tuesday to Sunday from 17:00.

Garden and surroundings