Orange Room

The orange room offers romantic accommodation for two people and is equipped with a double bed. The predominant color in this cozy room is orange, which is complemented by stylish Dutch wooden furniture.

Seating is provided by two upholstered chairs and a coffee table where you can taste Moravian wines. This combination is the reason why the orange room is a perfect romantic place for couples who are looking for a pleasant environment with a beautiful view of the garden of the chateau and the trees of the castle park.

For this room, a refrigerator is located in the hallway opposite the entrance to the room. The bathroom of the orange room is equipped with its own toilet and shower and is toned in dark blue colors, which tastefully contrast with the orange atmosphere of the rest of the room. Of course, there are electrical sockets for the shaver or phone recharging, as well as a free wireless connection.

The price for 1 night for two people is 2150,- CZK or 86,- Euro, for one person 1850,- CZK or 74,- Euro, without breakfast.

Breakfast is 190,- CZK or 7,60 per person/night.

Order at: or +420 737 684 308.

Online booking

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