Hunter's Apartment

If you want to spend some time in peace and privacy, book the Hunter's Apartment, which is located outside the main building in the garden of the chateau.

The Hunter's apartment consists of two separate rooms. The entrance room offers a sitting area by the fireplace overlooking the garden, which is provided by a big french window. For your privacy, the entire front wall can be covered with curtains.

The bedroom of the apartment is equipped with an oversized double bed measuring two meters and twenty centimeters in width, on which even a family with a child can sleep comfortably.

The room is toned in green and burgundy colors and decorated with many hunting trophies and hunting weapons.

It also offers free internet access and a private fridge, which you can watch directly from the comfort of the large bed. The bathroom of this suite is in a simple romantic style, equipped with a spacious shower, private toilet, and stylish sink.

The price for 1 night for two people is 2450,- CZK or 98,- Euro, for one person 2050,- CZK or 82,- Euro, without breakfast.

Breakfast is 190,- CZK or 7,60 per person/night.

Order at: or +420 737 684 308.

Online booking

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