Flower Room

The flower room has a comfortable double bed. It, therefore, offers comfortable accommodation for 2 people.

This room is decorated in a style of natural colors with a great influence of old pink, which is perfectly complemented by French and Belgian furniture in gold and white.

The view from the windows of the room itself points down to the chateau garden and also to the treetops of the castle park that surround the garden. Furthermore, the room has a large coffee table with armchairs and glasses for a comfortable tasting of Moravian wines.

There is also a private, small fridge in the room. The bathroom of this room is equipped with spacious lockers for personal and hygiene needs, as well as its own toilet and shower. There are also 230V electrical sockets for razors, etc.

As in any room, there is free wireless internet access.

The price for 1 night for two people is 2450,- CZK or 98,- Euro, for one person 2050,- CZK or 82,- Euro, without breakfast.

Breakfast is 190,- CZK or 7,60 per person/night.

In this room, there is the possibility of two extra beds for 800 CZK/person/night or 32,- Euro/person/night.

Order at: penzion@penzion-la-veneria.com or +420 737 684 308.

Online booking

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