The garden and the surroundings

From sunrise to night, the magical garden of Chateau La Veneria is open for you. Here you can have breakfast, relax to the sound of our waterfall, read your favorite book, sunbathe, prepare lunch or dinner in the fully equipped summer kitchen with a gas grill, see unforgettable sunset views over the Reistna Colonnade, as well as enjoy a bottle of local wine by candlelight, listening to the natural melodies of the animal inhabitants of the castle park.

Our regular guests call the garden an oasis of calm, in a town that otherwise swirls with fun.

At the same time, you are the only one able to directly access the entrance from our garden to Valtice Castle Park.

Most magical, but also the most mysterious, is it under clear, night skies, illuminated by the stars and the sparkling light of the moon.

Get carried away!